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Just like many of us, Dr. Queen Shamala Sykes was once led down the long and winding path of soul exploration as she sought deeper answers to questions like, “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?”


Dr. Sykes, an ordained minister and a metaphysical practitioner, relies on the symbolism of the butterfly to share poetic expressions about the soul. In a five part collection, Dr. Sykes examines the meaning of the soul and shares the importance of soul awareness. According to Dr. Sykes, “Using ancient wisdom and a daily practice of  meditation are sure ways to connect you with your soul, your gifts and your talents.”


Blackbutterfly Soul Song interlaces symbolism with poetic expressions that will help guide anyone searching for transformation and renewal to find the answers to life’s most complex questions.


“Breathtaking! This book evokes the spirit of the Self and highlights the purpose of the Soul. The words of the ancestors, combined with the author’s words, speak with wisdom and clarity. This book is highly recommended for taking our thoughts to a higher level of understanding.”

—Mercedes Tidmore Brown, author of A Soul Incarcerated


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